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Blizzard started out as Donnie Gill a scientist who worked in the feilds of cryogenetics his speciallity was cryogenic freezing while attempting to hurt Stane he meets Iron Man who offers to help, After a few missions together Iron Man finds out that Donnie had lied about having a family and being a scientist Pepper had found out that Donnie Gill has a criminal record ID theft, hacking, illegal experiments Stane hired him out of jail and used his talents for a weapon but while trying to make his invention better he hurt Donnie. Iron Man and Blizzard fight and Blizzard is frozen solid.

Stanes daughter Whitney falls ill and the only way to cure her is to get Kylight from Antarctica and Stane resurects Blizzard to do the job but Blizzard runs rogue and trys to destroy the metal needless to say he was successfull but Tony used the Kylight in his heart to cure Whitney and Blizzard was defeated.

Now Blizzard works for Justin Hammer in hopes that he will destroy Iron Man and Stane he assisted in the kidnapping of Stane and the birth of Titanium Man. 05:39, September 5, 2011 (UTC)info from Kaizer Masters