Iron Man armor was created by Tony Stark. The Iron Man Armor is decades ahead of current technology. The Iron Man Armory is located in Tony Stark's Secret Lab with all of his other inventions. The Activation Code for the Iron Man Armor is Stark 02.


The original Iron Man armor, known as the Mk. I, has a traditional red and gold color scheme. This was inherited by almost all of the other models to date, with the exception of the War Machine armor, the Silver Centurion armor, and Hulkbuster armor.

All versions of the Iron Man armor feature a humanoid exoskeleton with repulsors on either palm and a chest-mounted unibeam, as well as thrusters in the soles of the armor to allow for atmospheric propulsion.


The Iron Man armor features several in-built features which increase its potency as both a weapon and information gatherer. Because its primary protocol is to preserve the life of its main user, Tony Stark, its defensive features and life-support systems make up a large part of its overall design.



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  • Happy Hogan believes that Iron man is an robot.
  • Tony added Roller-skates to the suit equipment
  • Tony invented the suit before the plane crash