Arthur Parks/The Living Laser is a super villian who started out as a gangster and stole some equipment that transformed him.


''Arthur Parks was beaten and mistreated his whole life, he started out as a thug for the Maggia. While robbing a truck he found a harness in curiousity he put it on and activated it and so begins the birth of The Living Laser. Using his newly found powers he robbs a bank but is caught by Iron Man who defeats him and removes his harness. However in jail he found out he could use his powers without the harness realizing that he holds the world hostage in exchange for Iron Man. Iron Man and The Laser fight but the Laser loses and is disintegrated.

Inside a SHEILD space station the Laser is recreated and he hungars for revenge holding the world hostage again he wants Iron Man. However he figured out how to change his frequency so that Iron Man cant hurt him but he can hurt Iron Man. However Iron Man traps the Living Laser inside the telescope and SHEILD put him in a special cell on the Hellicarrier.

Inside the Hellicarrier he finds out that he's dying but in a shocking twist Tony wants to help him but Ghost kidnaps the Laser for AIM soon the used his energy to bring MODOC to life. After that MODOC reveals to the Laser that Tony is Iron Man and with that discovery the Laser and Iron Man damage MODOC but not destroy him after that the Laser died.

Using high tech gear Justin Hammer & Mr. Fix bring The Laser back to life but they split him in half a good half and a bad half. While the bad half wants domination the light half goes to Tony for help. Rhodey and Tony use a prototype of the harness to fuse the 2 Lasers together after that the Laser decides to lay low for a while. 06:05, August 26, 2011 (UTC)Info from Kaizer Masters