(Somewhat of what Lucy may of looked like)

Lucinda "Lucy" Wales

Lucy Wales was going to be another character added to Iron Man: Armored Adventures in the third season, but that season never commenced.


Lucy was said to have wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes. She would of worn something like as jeans and sneakers, as she wasn't really a 'girly-girl' type. She would have been 17 years of age.


Lucy would of been the shy, secretive but strong type. She had many skills, as that her father was a SHIELD Agent and she grew up with just him.

Lucy meet Tony (Tony Stark) as they both reach for a taxi at the same time on their way to school, and they become friends later on at school when Tony see's Lucy walking alone.

Lucy's father had died previously and she was now living alone with her roommate Claudia, who she doesn't like very much. Her father was shot in the head by another SHIELD Agent who had anger issues. Her mother had died when she was at the age of three, so this, both parents deaths, left Lucy as an orphan.


Lucy lived with just he father after her mothers death at Lucy's age of three. Just living with her dad, Lucy became some what of a Tomboy and enjoyed things such as archery and wanted to become a SHIELD Agent herself. Her father had told her that she didn't have to go through bootcamp or any of the qualifications because she already had the 'skills', which Lucy later found out that she had been injected with extremeness.

After her dad's death, Lucy became an orphan and moved in with Claudia, a girly, spoiled, awful excuse for a roommate. She met Tony Stark as they both went for a taxi at the same time and ride together to school, where Tony see's Lucy walking alone and tells her to hang out with them.

But that was all the script got to, until Marvel decided to stop making this series. Somewhere in the midst of it though, there was said to be some romance between Lucy and Tony, leaving Tony with three girls on his hands (The other two, Pepper and Whitney) but he seemed to be falling for his newly made friend.