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In chinese history the Makluan Rings were a type of power that was given to the worthy. A man named Khan had recognized the rings power and the power reached out to him with his new powers Khan ruled his dynasty calling himself the Mandarin. However Khan wanted someone to give the Makluan Rings to when he died but his many children werent worthy, so he scattered them to the four corners of the globe and designed tests to measure the worthyness and vurtue of those who had seeked them.

Now a young boy named Temugin is the only one left to claim the Makluan Rings his mother already had one test passed and ready to use however his mother had died and his stepfather Xin Zhang had stolen the Ring and declared himself the new Mandarin. Now Temugin is 16 calling himself Gene Khan he stole the Ring back and searched for the next 4 rings. Later in the series Gene along with Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and James (Rhodey) Rhodes encounter the tests of the Makluan rings such as the test of Wisdom, Courage, Temprets (Balance), and in the 2 part season finale Sacrifice. But Gene had revealed he was the Mandarin and he also realized that there werent 5 rings there were 10 rings now he and Tony's missing father Howard search for the Makluan Rings.

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1.purple ring ring ring ring

5.yellow ring

Left HandEdit ring

7.crimson red ring

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